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Master Altizer is a great coach who cares about his students success.
                                                                     - Marc Grenier

My son loves to come to class. We have seen a tremendous change in his self confidence and manners...all for the better!! We love this school and highly recommend it!
                                                                     - Jeni LeLeux

My son-in-law took great pains and hours of research to find a suitable school for my grandson. He, of course, chose Freedom Martial Arts. Master Altizer is premier in the traditional teaching of the art, including honesty, respect, integrity, discipline, the ability to accept defeat and setbacks and move forward with courage, focus, the importance of dedication and hard work. I have learned that we, the family, must also reinforce these same values in the home to support the success of our students. Without familial reinforcement, many students cannot benefit from the program and usually drop out. This school affords each student the opportunity to achieve unlimited goals, not only on the local level, but on the national and international level. Not all schools can offer this type of program and not all students are able to meet the challenge. My grandson could not have done it without the help and guidance of Freedom Martial Arts. Thank you all!!
                                                                     - Debbie Sue Mixell

As a busy mom of two busy boys, I love the time that we share together at Freedom Martial Arts. We all take classes together and work hard together. Its such a great family buisness, we are proud to be a part of it. My boys are better and more confident people having been instructed by Master Altizer.
                                                                     - Lisa Payne

Master Altizer is patient and persistent. He works wonderful with all ages and helps to build self-confidence so you and your children can reach your achievements.
                                                                    - Ashley Mendoza

Freedom Martial Arts is a great place for all ages. Master Altizer is a fantastic instructor and a great sparring coach. 
                                                                    - Mark Wiseman



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